Friday, June 20, 2008


Ashley and Liz came down for a few days to pick up Anastasia. It was so nice to see them and the kids. It is always fun to see them playing with each other.

The blanket

As you can see Carter spotted his blanket in the middle of lunch the other day and thought he needed it. When I gave it to him, he was so proud and excited to have it at the table.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Singing and dancing

Is this not the cutest thing!

Just visiting with friends.


Carter got to go swimming and thought it was great. He liked the shallow end where he could walk around and play with his sticks. As you can see he also liked his aunt's glasses and phone.

Trip to Kansas

We had such a great time in Ks visiting. Carter did great traveling, at the airport all he cared about were the trucks and on the plane rides he was so busy trying to entertain everyone around us. Family and friends are truly the best. It was so good to see them and be able to time with them.