Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with cousins

Playing on the rocks

We were in Newport last weekend and had such a great time. Marc, Nicole, Esmae and Caleb were in town. The cousins had a great time playing together and loved throwing rocks in the ocean. As you can see Carter had to throw the biggest rock he could carry.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pool time

I'm not sure who likes the kiddy pool more Carter or the dogs. Carter likes to spray the dogs and me while the water is filling up, Harry and I are smart enough to stand far enough away, kyra just doesn't care as long as she gets wet. Carter just thinks it is hilarious. He has to get his buckets from the sand box to collect water like at the beach.

Hi Baby

Carter has no concept that there is a real baby in that tummy. He will lift up my shirt and say baby and give my belly a kiss and then will proceed to use it as a launch pad to dive onto the couch. I have 5 and a half weeks left and I feel good. Just a few more weeks and poor Carter will have a rude awaking...

Carter and Kyra

Poor Kyra she is used as a pillow and a toy. She takes all the torture with a smile. Harry on the other hand will only tolerate Carter for about 15min then he wants to go outside. Carter's new favorite thing is chasing Harry with his toy cars. Carter just laughs and Harry runs away.